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Xi unveils China’s vision for global developmentThe speech, which emphasized common development, resonated widely in the international community. The declaration approved at the end of the summit includes the positions of the Chinese side.Chinese President Xi Jinping said in his speech at the last G20 summit: “The G20 countries are great states of global and regional scale. These countries should effectively fulfill their responsibility to be a great state, set an example for other countries and take joint steps.” for the development and progress of the peace and happiness of mankind.” he said. Development is the key to solving all problems and the main force of revival.What development do we need in the current situation?At the G20 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping responded by proposing a more inclusive, beneficial and sustainable global development. Food and energy security is the most urgent pillar of global development. To solve this problem, while striving for the smooth operation of global food and energy supply chains, Xi Jinping suggested: “We must form partnerships for trade in goods”, “we must resolutely oppose the politicization, instrumentalization and weaponization of food and energy issues.”

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