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Yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden held a telephone conversation to discuss bilateral relations and issues of concern to both sides. reforms, and that development and security problems continue. He reminded me that he was getting serious. In this situation, as the international community and the peoples of the world wish, China and the United States are responsible for maintaining world peace and security, promoting global development and prosperity, playing a leading role. defining Sino-US relations in terms of strategic rivalry: “Seeing them as the biggest competitor and the most serious problem is a misconception about bilateral relations and China’s development. This is misleading the two peoples and the international community. Both parties must maintain contact and develop cooperation at all levels.” Speaking about the challenges facing the global economy, Xi Jinping suggested that China and the United States act simultaneously on issues such as coordinating macroeconomic policies, maintaining stability in the global sector and supply chains, and ensuring global energy and food security. He pointed out that attempts to break the rules would weaken the global economy, not improve the US economy. Xi Jinping suggested that both countries help the world overcome the epidemic and emerge from the economic downturn, rather than provoke regional problems, and maintain international systems and international order led by the UN. Emphasizing China’s position on the Taiwan issue, Xi Jinping delivered a speech. history of the issue and the Taiwan Strait. Pointing out that the principle of one China is the political foundation of Sino-US relations, Xi Jinping said that China strongly opposes the attempts of forces trying to separate Taiwan from the motherland and the intervention of outside forces, and He said that he would not allow any separatist forces. Xi said, “The position of the Chinese government and the Chinese people on the Taiwan issue has never changed. Protecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the determined will of 1.4 billion Chinese. The will of the people cannot be violated, playing with fire will burn itself. The American side should be well aware of this. The American side, the one and only China, must adhere to their principle and implement the three joint declarations.” US President Biden said that while the world is in a critical period, US-China cooperation will benefit not only the peoples of the two countries, but the peoples of the whole world. He expressed his desire to maintain contacts with China, strengthen mutual understanding, prevent misunderstandings and develop cooperation in areas of mutual interest. The Ukrainian crisis was also discussed at the meeting.

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