Women can now swim topless in pools


In Berlin, Germany’s capital, women can swim topless in public pools.

In Berlin, Germany’s capital, the local government has announced its decision to allow women to swim topless in public pools. It is noted that the decision was made after a woman who was kicked out of a public pool because she sunbathed topless, began the fight for the rights. The woman’s claim for compensation by the name of Lotte Mees was not accepted. Mies said in a statement following the decision, “It is very important to me that all genders have the same rights. You have one breast, and others see it as a woman’s breast. Then you have different rules, and that’s the problem.” He said.

The authorities recognized that women were discriminated against.

It has been decided that all visitors to public swimming pools in Berlin are now entitled to topless services. The solution is known as Freikörperkultur. “Free movement of the body”. welcome

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