Winter will not come to Turkey! Why is drought dangerous?


Many scientists speak out and warn that all of humanity has long been faced with extremely dangerous phenomena for human life, such as climate change, global warming and drought. However, it is debatable how seriously these warnings are taken by millions of people around the world, and especially by national administrations. Because many people do not yet seriously feel the effects of global warming! However, many countries, including Turkey, may feel more acutely some of the problems arising from global warming in the coming period!

According to experts, Turkey is experiencing one of the “warmest” winters in recent years. The expected rains across the country have not yet begun. Under normal conditions, in regions where heavy snowfalls and rains are observed in our time, “summer” days pass! The expected winter in Turkey never comes! Well, will the dry winter season cause drought in Turkey in the short term? Lale Elmagioglu spoke with experts on the subject for Independent Turkish. Let’s look at the details together…

Global warming is one of the most important threats facing the whole world for a long time.

Moreover, due to the events of recent years, the processes that bring the world to an end, such as global warming and climate change, are happening much faster than before. The world is getting warmer and warmer!

The UN climate summit and many scientists say that it is necessary to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. However, events force humanity to move away from this goal every day. Therefore, the effects of global warming are becoming more visible every day. One of the countries where these effects are seen the most is Turkey. In fact, many local and foreign scientists argue that Turkey may be one of the countries that will feel the effects of global warming the most. Moreover, in Turkey you can already see traces of global warming and climate change!

Experts claim that the hottest December month in the last 52 years was in Turkey!

In addition, according to the Main Department of Hydrometeorology, the amount of precipitation in December decreased by 57 percent compared to the same period last year. Unfortunately, this depressing picture leaves us with some serious problems…

The lack of precipitation in winter has led to a significant reduction in water resources.

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change recently reminded that “our water resources are not limitless.” In addition, Istanbul Water Supply and Sewerage (İSKİ) data clearly shows the water problem in Turkey. Dam occupancy in Istanbul is at its lowest level in 10 years! It is stated that such a situation can cause many problems that threaten national security, from lack of water and food to the deterioration of the ecological system. So is Turkey really in danger of drought?

According to experts, drought could be Turkey’s biggest problem in the coming period!

Aydin Istanbul University lecturer and meteorological engineer Dr. According to Güven Özdemir, it is necessary to act as soon as possible to minimize the effects of climate change.

Expressing that temperatures around the world could rise by up to 2 degrees in 2030 due to factors such as fossil fuel use, industrialization and urbanization, Özdemir states that temperatures are also rising in Turkey. However, Özdemir states that Turkey has been under “high pressure” for a long time, and that this situation is also affecting the increase in temperature and decrease in precipitation. With the combination of all these factors, drought becomes the most important item on the agenda in Turkey.

Güven Ozdemir claims that Turkey has experienced the driest winter in the last 8 years.


In addition, Özdemir states that regions other than the eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia are “drought-ridden”. Especially big cities! For example, the filling rate of the dam in Istanbul in the current period is about 30 percent. If you take into account the entire Sea of ​​​​Marmara, the water flow will decrease by 60 percent! On this occasion, Ozdemir said:The capacity of the dam is 860 million cubic meters, and the water is about 300 million cubic meters, which is enough for 90 days. At least 3 million cubic meters are consumed per day.” he uses.

5-month ‘meteorological drought’ turned into ‘hydrological drought’


Özdemir argues that the drought due to the dry winter season is combined with factors such as sea pollution and lower water tables, and this situation turns a meteorological drought that has been going on for some time into a hydrological drought. On the other hand, hydrological drought can dry up streams and lakes and further reduce groundwater supplies.

Winter without precipitation is extremely effective in drought. But this is not the only reason for the drought!


Many factors, such as the use of fossil fuels, irregular migration, irregular and vertical urbanization, population growth and the destruction of green spaces, especially in large cities, are making drought an increasingly serious problem. For this reason, Özdemir states that in order to be able to deal effectively with drought, the use of clean energy should be increased, and “forest management” instead of “concrete” should be widely adopted in cities.

Drought can provoke many undesirable situations.


According to Dursun Yıldız, President of the Water Policy Association and former Deputy General Manager of DSI, Turkey’s winter drought could turn into an agricultural drought! Reduced dam filling can reduce the quality of drinking water and render already shrinking water resources unusable. Events that may threaten national security may occur due to depletion of resources. In short, drought can be a trigger for many troubling issues.

According to Yildiz, it is necessary to take action as soon as possible and take important steps to combat the drought.


According to Yıldız, the first thing to be done is to update Turkey’s water management paradigm, both technologically and administratively, along with its institutional infrastructure. Yildiz said: “TThe solution to the problem in Turkey is to take action after the crisis. But if there is no water, there is nothing to manage. As soon as we were late, the problem got the better of us. In March and April, spring precipitation should be at least twice, not sudden and plentiful, long and less heavy precipitation and snowfalls are obligatory. Water resources management must take action against the most risky situation. If there is no water, there is nothing to manage. It brings us” uses expressions.

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