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The European Union is preparing to include the military unit of the Revolutionary Guards in the European list of terrorists against Iran, which violently suppressed the growing wave of opposition and continues to hang opponents of the regime.

As part of sanctions against Iran, the European Union (EU) is gearing up for new sanctions amid increased death sentences and executions to quell an uprising that has shaken the Iranian regime.

Following the UK, a discussion about including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the list of terrorist organizations began in the EU. In the EU, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are campaigning to have the Revolutionary Guards listed as terrorist organizations.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock supported the study, stating on her Twitter account: “The classification of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization is politically important and logical.”

Therefore, for a long time, French diplomacy, which was especially concerned not to sever ties with Tehran, tried not to break the threads for the sake of the survival of the Iranian nuclear deal. Moreover, France, which has 7 more citizens in Iranian prisons on charges of espionage, has been especially careful not to tear bridges with Tehran for a long time. However, in the face of increased executions, violence and pressure from Germany and England, France finally announced that it would support sanctions.

Earlier, the EU announced a series of sanctions against Iranian rulers for supplying drones to Russia. The decision to include the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorists is planned to be included in the new sanctions package prepared by the EU.

20 organizations on the EU terrorist list

To date, the European list of terrorist organizations includes about 20 organizations, including Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the PKK, DHKP-C, ISIS, Hamas, FARC and the Iranian-backed armed wing of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

While four people were hanged in Iran in December 2022 and early January in connection with protests, this number rose to five this morning following the hanging of Iranian-British citizen Alireza Akbari. About 50 people detained at the hands of the Iranian regime are at the same risk.

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