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After some countries, including the United States, said they would send tanks to Ukraine, it is now being discussed whether F-16 combat aircraft will be delivered to Kyiv. Although President Biden answers “no” to a question along these lines, the public is increasingly supporting this view.

One of those who support this view is one of America’s most famous military leaders of recent times, David Petraeus. Petraeus is the former commander of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, former commander of Central Forces (CENTCOM), and former director of the CIA.

Sending F-16s to Ukraine should be discussed at some point, Petraeus said. Speaking at an online forum hosted by the Washington Post, the former CIA director believes that long-range missiles should also be supplied to Kyiv.

“The decision on the tank came too late, time wasted”

Petraeus, who reported that the decision to send tanks to Ukraine came late and said “time was lost”, said that the next decisions to support Kyiv were also important.

Petraeus said that for the US-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), longer-range precision-guided munitions should be delivered to Ukraine, and a 300-km-range tactical military missile system is suitable for this effort to retake Crimea.

In addition, Petraeus noted that at some point, they will probably start discussing the F-16.

Will sending F-16s to Ukraine be on the agenda?

President Biden: “Will America give Ukraine an F-16?” He gave a short and clear answer to a question like “no”.

In contrast, White House Deputy National Security Adviser John Finer said just a few days ago that America would very carefully discuss the fighter jet issue with Kyiv and its allies.

It is noted that the United States had previously refused to supply Patriot missiles and air defense tanks to Ukraine, but over time it was decided to deliver these ammunition to Kyiv.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the issue was not “taboo” and that if it did, it would be a big step.

“Kyiv needs 200 F-16 aircraft”

According to Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat, Kyiv needs 200 aircraft, such as the F-16, to protect its airspace.

If American-made F-16s are delivered to Ukraine, this will be a big step towards strengthening the Kyiv Air Force.

It uses Russian-made MIG aircraft produced before Ukraine’s independence in 1991.

If Kyiv has F-16s, it will be able to attack Russian troops in all weather conditions and hit targets more accurately in the dark.

When and how will the war end?

Petraeus also answered a question along those lines at a question and answer event hosted by the Washington Post.

While stating that he believed a negotiated solution would be found, Petraeus said it would happen when Russian President Vladimir Putin was satisfied that this war was not viable. Petraeus stressed the importance of adequate assistance to Ukraine for this.

Stating that it is difficult to say what needs to happen to get there, Petraeus said that if that understanding is reached in the Kremlin, meaningful talks could also take place.

Petraeus said questions such as the situation on the ground and whether Ukraine is open to negotiations will come to the fore at this time, Petraeus said.

Referring to Putin’s appointment of Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov to command the war in Ukraine, Petraeus said he did not think it would make a significant difference in this area.

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