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WhatsApp agreed to comply with EU rules– WhatsApp will better inform users and respect user preferences regarding contract updates.BRUSSELS (AA) – The European Union (EU) has announced that it is aiming to be more transparent about changes to the terms of service for mobile messaging and calling app WhatsApp. The statement states that WhatsApp will make it easier for users to opt out of updates if they do not accept , it was noted that the company will also clearly inform users in the event that access to the service will end in the event of an upgrade failure. It is noted that the company will not share it with other meta companies or third parties, including Facebook, for certain purposes. In a letter sent to WhatsApp, the company was asked to clarify changes it made to its terms of service and privacy policy in 2021. The EU required WhatsApp to be sure that its changes comply with EU consumer law. In 2021, the WhatsApp application introduced new “user terms of service and privacy policy” in many countries. It has been announced that those who do not accept the agreement, which is sent to all users with notifications, will not be able to use the application from February 8, 2021. Many articles of the agreement provoked a reaction. The first of these was the obligation of users to share their personal data with Facebook. It has been claimed that the contract that the WhatsApp app “forces” its users to accept is not valid in Europe. The app offered a different service contract for its users in EU countries.

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