What is the silent promotion that makes the working lives of millions of employees a nightmare?


Business life is full of surprises. Unfortunately, the surprises that employees face in business life are not always delightful or satisfying. In some cases, even an unexpected promotion can turn the working life of many employees into hell! Especially if this action is quiet! The concept of “silent promotion” that many employees have recently encountered, basically means that the employee must perform work that is not included in the job description, is considered unnecessary and unnecessary to anyone. At the same time, there are no changes in the rank and salary of the employee! Let’s take a closer look at the concept of silent promotions that makes many employees’ working lives a nightmare…

A tacit promotion refers to an employee who takes on or is required to perform work that is not listed in the job description and deemed unnecessary.

However, neither the position nor the salary of someone who is “silently promoted” in the workplace does not change. In other words, the victims of silent promotion carry a load that two, and sometimes three people can handle, but this does not positively affect the employee’s salary or career!

The concept of silent promotion, which has become more and more common lately, makes the working life of many employees a nightmare!

silent promotion

According to a study of 1,000 full-time employees in the US, three out of four employees report an increase in workload despite no increase in their wages. However, the share of those who said that their workload has increased without increasing wages during their working life is 78 percent! On the other hand, 67 percent of employees say they had to take over the job of a friend who left work!

The workload and responsibilities of the “silent” employee are increasing. The working day is also getting longer. For this reason, silent promotion has a negative impact on both the psychological and physiological health of employees. As a result, many people face serious challenges in both business and social life.

Often in companies with insufficient staff, people are promoted silently, without realizing it!

Silent promotion is most common in part-time companies. For example, an employee takes on the responsibilities of a colleague who is on vacation or leaving the company. This new workload, which at first seems temporary, becomes permanent after a while. Moreover, in the future, new things are included in the duties and responsibilities of this employee.

Silent promotions do not increase employees’ earnings, change their ranks, or advance their careers.

silent promotion

The most important reason for this is that “new jobs” are actually undesirable, unimportant, but tedious. This is why an employee who is promoted quietly does not have the opportunity to acquire new skills that will advance their career.

If you’re constantly being asked to “be a good team player” you could get a promotion you never dreamed of!

silent promotion

The most common way for an employer to quietly promote an employee is to convince him to be a good team player. This way, this employee can take on the workload of a friend who is on vacation when needed, and can work with dedication at a job completely out of their area of ​​expertise when needed!

On the other hand, according to experts, in some cases it is quite normal to work a few extra hours in jobs that really fit your job responsibilities and are necessary. However, if you have to dedicate more than 30 percent of your work time to your new responsibilities, and if these new jobs do not match your job responsibilities and qualifications, your employer considers you the most suitable candidate for a covert promotion.

If you don’t want to be the victim of a silent promotion, consider whether the new roles are right for you.

silent promotion

Find out if your position and salary will change with the new responsibilities you take on, calculate how your increased workload will affect your career, and then decide if you really want to “get promoted”!

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