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Berlin –

After the arrest of German citizen Carsten L., who works in the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND), on charges of “high treason” on the basis of spying for Russia, details of information leaks to Russia began to emerge.

In the news in the German media, it was indicated that Karsten L. leaked reports on the assessment of the situation of the German government and the secret services in relation to Russia and Ukraine. Justice Minister Marco Buschmann called the exposure of the BND officer a spy “a significant blow to Russian intelligence.”

The intelligence officer stated that Karsten L. works as a senior officer in the BND’s “Technical Intelligence” section and has access to all communications data obtained by German intelligence through wiretapping around the world.

The news reported that Russia may have placed a double agent in the German intelligence services during the war it unleashed against Ukraine, and it was also reported that the appointment of foreign intelligence officers in this way was considered the pinnacle of espionage.

The federal criminal police service in charge of the investigation gathered evidence by searching his home and workplace in the capital Berlin after Karsten L.’s arrest last week.

It is estimated that there are at least 2,000 Russian agents in Germany.

According to information received from the German security authorities, the number of agents spying for Germany in the interests of Russia is estimated at more than 2,000 people.

German intelligence officials have claimed in recent months that Russia sent at least 200 more spies to Germany during the military process that began with the attack on Ukraine.

It was alleged that Russian agents collected information about German politicians, company executives and critics of Russia and sent it to Moscow.

Finally, on December 7, it was announced that the Imperial Citizens organization, which carried out an operation throughout the country and some of which were detained on charges of preparing a coup d’état in Germany, had ties to Russian intelligence.

Last October, Arne Schönbom, head of Germany’s National Cybersecurity Service, was fired for his links to Russian intelligence.

The German company, which is part of an association founded by Schönbom, turned out to be a subsidiary of a Russian cybersecurity firm founded by a former KGB officer.

It is noteworthy that accusations of espionage between Germany and Russia have intensified in parallel with the war in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, German government circles have frequently warned of possible Russian attacks on German infrastructure.

Federal Home Secretary Nancy Feather also said that “we need to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios that we haven’t thought of just recently” and drew attention to the danger of attacks and sabotage on infrastructure as well as oil and natural resources. gas pipelines.

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