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On the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moscow, Russia’s capital, has a calm but bold vibe. Some Russians say they see no other choice but to fight until they achieve victory.

Thousands of Russians left the country, either opposing the war with Ukraine or fearing the draft. Dissidents who remain in Russia risk going to jail for humiliating the Russian army. That’s why Russians have to be careful what they say among others.

“War is, of course, bad, but this year has shown us that no other decision can be made, we are defending our independence, our freedom, the future of our children. Therefore, we are for victory,” said Marina from Moscow.

Another Muscovite, Yevgeny, told Reuters he hoped Russia would win this year.

“I want the war to end as soon as possible,” said Eugene.

Although Russia suffered three major front-line defeats against Ukraine last year, it still controls a fifth of Ukraine’s territory and continues to make minor gains. Russian President Vladimir Putin promises complete victory.

Backed by the power of Russian state media, Putin told Russians that the very existence of the country was threatened and that Russia had no choice but to launch what it describes as a frontal offensive to protect the Russian-speaking community in Ukraine. and to protect their own security from the aggressive West.

His opinion that Ukraine is a victim of a colonial war, despite the absence of threats, has no chance of being covered in the Russian state media. Hosts and guests complement the Kremlin-favored rhetoric in hour-long debates on Russian television.

Some Muscovites, on the contrary, expressed their dissatisfaction with what had happened in a more melancholy mood.

“I can’t comment on this, I’m very, very sorry,” Ekaterina said, but said that everything would “get better” with time.

A pensioner named Vera, on the other hand, cited the financial hardship people are facing due to the pressure that Western sanctions are putting on the Russian economy.

Vera said: “I really want peace, I want all this to end as soon as possible. Many sacrifices have been made, both moral and financial. We pensioners feel it very much.”

Igor and Viktor expressed the opinion that Russia has no choice but to win the war in Ukraine.

“We are looking forward to the successful conclusion of the war. That’s all we’re counting on. We have no other choice,” Igor said.

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