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In an economic environment where globalization has been redefined and sustainable growth has become a must, entrepreneurs in Turkey have also turned to opportunities in overseas markets. The Netherlands, which is known to create at least a thousand start-ups every year, has also taken a leading position among the countries in which Turkish entrepreneurs are interested.

The year 2022 was also a turning point for Turkish entrepreneurs. While economic conditions demanded steady growth for newly established businesses, opportunities in overseas markets began to attract more attention from Turkish entrepreneurs. With ease of doing business, especially for technology-focused companies, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem that has grown rapidly in recent years, the Netherlands has become one of the European markets that Turkish entrepreneurs are turning to. Providing comprehensive company formation services in the Netherlands with offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven that are important to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and commercial life in the Netherlands, Oldik Ofis received over 400 inquiries in the second half of 2022. Office Managing Partner Gökhan Dogru said: “According to Home to at least 1,000 startups every year, McKinsey, the Netherlands has been the focus of many digital entrepreneurs lately due to its innovative ecosystem, strong human resources, and high levels of livability. Especially in Amsterdam and Eindhoven there is a high demand for opening companies.”Startups from the Netherlands will create 400 billion euros by 2030 Data compiled by global consulting firm McKinsey shows that the Netherlands is the fifth country with the highest number of startups per capita in the European Union, and is in fourth place in terms of startup value creation in Europe. In addition, the study predicts that by 2030, start-ups created in the Netherlands will create 400 billion euros. Emphasizing that the Netherlands serves as a gateway to Europe for Turkish entrepreneurs, Gökhan Dogru said: “The Netherlands has a very dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dealroom data shows that startups in the country created the highest employment rate in 2022, at 135,000 people. Today, digital entrepreneurs can easily realize their business ideas using the power of technology. The Netherlands has become a venture capital paradise thanks to the incentives it provides for entrepreneurs starting with little capital and growing venture capital investments. As Oldik Ofis, we shorten the path for entrepreneurs in Turkey to international markets by providing registered office services with only company formation and 4 different location options.”“We deliver their companies in the Netherlands to entrepreneurs within 10 days”Noting that sectors such as food technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, modern agriculture and waste recycling are popular in the Netherlands, Oldik Office Managing Partner Gökhan Dogru concluded his assessments with the following words: “Clean and renewable energy, sustainable technologies, health, mobility, biofuels, climate It can be seen that startups operating in areas such as fintech and social impact have received investments of around 1 billion euros in 2022. The Dutch government supports business ideas in line with the Green Deal of the European Union. In addition, startups that add value to the country’s economy and are fueled by technology can also find a place in the ecosystem. As Unusual Office in the Netherlands, we provide legal business addresses in our offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam, registration with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, obtaining a KvK number, preparation of a company contract, notary registration and the ultimate beneficiary (UBO) Application We carefully fulfill processes. With our per-company pricing model, we deliver to entrepreneurs their Dutch company within 10 days without any unexpected fees. In addition, we connect entrepreneurs with relevant suppliers in accounting and bookkeeping processes and support them. In the near future, we will begin providing company formation services in various countries, especially in the United States.”

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