Watch out for poisonous spinach! – Kent News Agency


It causes severe nausea and hallucinations in people who eat spinach.

Australia has issued a public health alert. The reason is poisonous spinach….

He went to the doctor because of spinach, which nine people in the country have so far eaten. Supermarket spinach has caused delirium (a brief loss of consciousness and perception), heart palpitations and blurred vision in people who consumed it.

Dr Darren Roberts of New South Wales said: “So far no one has died, which is very good news, but people are really sick. “They’re hallucinating, they’re seeing things that aren’t there,” he said. Although all those who got sick with spinach were from the city of Sydney, it was announced that the spinach that caused these events was a crop from the Riviera farms.

On the other hand, the farm claims that the spinach has become poisonous as a result of mixing with the “weed”.

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