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The United Nations, in a message to the bosses and CEOs of the giant social media companies, urged them to fully and completely uphold their responsibilities to uphold human rights and evaluate messages of racism and hate.

Making a statement on behalf of the UN Human Rights Council, many authorized special rapporteurs and independent human rights experts said in a joint statement that the names of bosses and CEOs of social media companies have been mentioned that there is an urgent need for increased accountability to prevent hate speech. .

UN experts, new Twitter owner Elon Musk, Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg, Google parent company Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and other social media platform owner and CEO urged their managers to be more sensitive to human rights , racism and hate speech.

“Hatred and discriminatory words cannot be within the scope of freedom of expression”

The UN experts demanded greater accountability, transparency, corporate social responsibility and ethical rules in the business models of the companies they manage regarding discrimination, hate speech and human rights.

The joint statement recalled that freedom of expression also has a limit, that this freedom cannot be used “because I can say whatever I want”, and that personal freedom of expression cannot protect hatred, discrimination and racism.

In a statement that the time has come to change social media platforms, it was stated that “The responsibility for racial equality and human rights as social media platforms is a fundamental social responsibility, and respect for human rights is in the long-term interests of these companies and their partners.” Social media companies were reminded of existing international conventions on discrimination, civil, political, business and human rights.

“After buying Elon Musk, the use of racist words increased 500 times”

UN experts have cited “the spike in the use of racist words on Twitter following the recent acquisition of Tesla by Tesla boss Elon Musk as evidence of social media platforms’ failure to contain hate speech.”

Experts recalled that Rutgers University’s Network Research Institute found that the number of racist words used for black people increased by almost 500 percent in a 12-hour period after Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. UN officials said social media should be held accountable for the use of words expressing hatred towards people of African descent.

The statement recalled that the expression of hatred towards people of African descent is of extreme concern and is a violation of rights, although Twitter said that this situation is based on a trolling campaign and is not intended for hatred.

The experts noted that while some social media companies state that they do not tolerate hate speech, there are large differences between the policies stated by the companies on this issue and the practices used on the platform.

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