Visa and Mastercard froze the use of a new commercial code for the sale of weapons in the US – WORLD


Visa and Mastercard froze the use of a new commercial code for the sale of weapons in the United StatesNEW YORK (AA) — Financial services firms Visa Inc and Mastercard have frozen a new commercial code application they plan to launch to determine US arms sales.The move by Visa Inc and Mastercard is seen as a victory for conservatives and some groups who claim they “discriminate” against legal gun sales, and a loss of ground for those who want gun sales to be controlled. a lot of confusion about the legitimacy of the payments,” the statement said. The Attorneys General of 24 states have warned they will take legal action if the practice of marking the sale of weapons with a special code is not repealed in a joint letter they wrote to the companies in question, not to freeze, but to end it completely. The said practice has been criticized by pro-gun lobbyists and some conservative politicians. In addition, some states planned to pass legislation to ban gun sales tracing. – In the US, 4 out of every 100,000 people die as a result of gun violence. as intermediaries between merchants and banks. It is up to the banks to decide whether to allow gun store sales with the cards they issue. distribution of arms sales, and asked them to support the implementation of the MCC code. Adams said: “We apply this code if someone buys fertilizer, we also have this special code application when you buy many other products. So why don’t we get this code when you buy a weapon? This is a real problem.” New York City Council members had previously sent a letter to credit card companies asking them to use MCC codes for gun stores, but their proposal was not well received: it was stated that if they passed an unambiguous MCC code to make it easier to track down suspects planning a major attack and massacre, and for the security agencies to investigate the reports. Dozens of armed attacks on schools alone kill hundreds of people every year.

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