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According to the UN report, 1.9 million medical services are provided in 322 out of 335 municipalities by 137 organizations; 890 thousand from access to water and cleaning services; In total, 2 million 40 thousand people in need received assistance, including 371 thousand people who received food and other assistance.

A study of living conditions (Encovi 2022) conducted by various universities shows that 53.3 percent of the population, about 15 million people, have an income of less than $57 a month, which the World Bank considers to be extreme poverty.

Although the poverty rate has improved from last year, the fact that almost all salaries are less than $166 a month, which is calculated as mandatory kitchen expenses, increases the need for humanitarian assistance in the country.

Among the noteworthy Encovi 2022 data, the proportion of Venezuelans who go 24 hours without food due to lack of access to food is 13.9%, 190 thousand students drop out of school, one in five people have health problems, immigrants are mostly also included men in aged 30 to 49 years.

The report assumes that Venezuela will be at the top of the world inflation league this year, with inflation reaching 125 percent by the end of the year.

“The concentration of power in one hand has exacerbated the crisis”

According to Mario D’Andrea, a human rights expert who spoke with VOA Turkish, the beginning of the process that turned Venezuela’s socio-economic crisis into an emergency humanitarian crisis dates back to 1999, when the president assembled powers, including the judiciary and the legislature. , into your own hands.

D’Andrea says that after the increase in the president’s powers, the problems in the country, such as corruption and bribery, human rights violations, hyperinflation, price controls, impoverishment, food and medical shortages, have reached uncontrollable levels.

Support for potential immigrants in their home country

Venezuela is currently the second largest shipping country after Ukraine.

According to the R4V platform, which is coordinated by local and international organizations that help Venezuelan immigrants, nearly 6 million of the 7.1 million Venezuelans who left their country because they could not meet their basic needs immigrated to other Latin American countries, where there are serious socio-economic problems. there have already been problems.

Experts note that one of the most effective ways to reduce immigration and the negative effects of the crisis in Venezuela in the region is to help needy Venezuelans in their own country.

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