UN first aid enters Syria through a new border crossing. Last Minute WORLD headlines and events


Two United Nations officials said the first UN convoy carrying humanitarian aid from Turkey entered the opposition-held area in northwestern Syria through the newly opened Bab al-Salam border crossing.

So far, the UN has sent more than 50 humanitarian aid convoys from another border crossing, Bab el-Hawa. In a statement made yesterday at the UN, it is noted that Syrian President Bashar Esat opened two more border crossings for use for three months. These border crossings are Bab el Selam and El Rai.

A spokesman for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) told Reuters that the organization was “the first humanitarian organization to send 11 trucks through the Bab el Salam checkpoint.”

The spokesman noted that IOM also passed 6 trucks through Bab El Hawa today.

“Earthquake assistance includes kitchen kits, comprehensive hygiene kits and shelter kits,” the IOM said in a statement. Another 15 trucks carrying humanitarian aid were reported to pass through Bab al-Hawa on Friday.

The UN acknowledged that there were difficulties with the delivery of first aid to the north-west of Syria, which was badly damaged by the earthquake. Before the earthquake, there were 4 million people in this region who needed help. It was emphasized that the needs of this population increased even more after the earthquake.

The UN also noted that about $400 million in humanitarian aid will be needed over the next three months, and that almost 9 million Syrians, most of whom live in northwestern Syria, were affected by the earthquake.

According to Syrian state media and the UN, 5,814 Syrians died in the earthquake. At least 4,400 Syrians were said to have died in the northwest of the country.

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