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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced that this year’s “January 24, International World Education Day” is dedicated to Afghan women and girls who were forcibly deprived of their basic rights to education after the Taliban took over Afghanistan .

UNESCO Director Audrey Azoulay said that no country in the world should prevent women and girls from getting an education and said: “Education is a universal human right that should be respected. “The international community has a responsibility to urgently restore the rights of Afghan girls and women.”

UN Secretary-General António Guteres stressed that the time has come to end all discriminatory laws and practices that impede access to education on his social media account on the occasion of “International World Education Day on 24 January”. Guterres called on the Taliban to lift the ban on girls and women in Afghanistan from accessing secondary and higher education.

According to the latest UNESCO data, 244 million girls and boys in the world are not educated. UNESCO, in a statement on the occasion of the World International Day of Education on January 24, said that in Ukraine alone, the education of 5 million children and youth was disrupted.

In a statement, UNICEF urged governments to do more to ensure that children are not deprived of education, using online education opportunities when necessary, so that those who are not in school continue their education in the world.

“A big blow was dealt to education in Ukraine”

UNICEF has announced that education in Ukraine has been severely undermined by the two years lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the war that began with Russia’s invasion of the country. It was also stated that many families are hesitant to send their children to schools for safety reasons. On the other hand, it has been recorded that thousands of schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions in Ukraine were damaged or completely destroyed during the war, including settlements.

Afshan Khan, UNESCO Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, stressed the importance of the education provided to children in schools and pointed out that children deprived of education can have lifelong consequences if they miss out on learning.

“Lack of constant access to electricity hinders education”

In Ukraine, it was noted that two million children continue their education online, and 1 million 300 thousand children continue their education both online and in combination with the face-to-face education they attend. It has been noted that recent attacks on electricity and other energy facilities in Ukraine have resulted in massive power outages, which have severely impacted education. It is noted that almost every child in Ukraine is deprived of permanent access to electricity, which dealt a serious blow to the upbringing of children.

UNICEF also described the situation of children who had to leave the country as “worrisome”, saying that two out of three refugee children from Ukraine are not currently enrolled in the education system of the host country they have taken refuge in, and many Ukrainian refugee families are sending their children to local schools in the hope of returning home quickly. He noted that instead they chose to continue their education via the Internet.

“UNICEF will continue to work with the government of Ukraine and host countries to provide solutions for children and displaced people in conflict zones to help them continue their education,” said Khan, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia. “We are calling for more support to end attacks on educational institutions and other civilian infrastructure in Ukraine and to provide children with access to online learning materials and materials.”

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