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Ukrainian rescuers are among the teams with the most experience in rescuing the living from the rubble due to the war in their country.

Despite the war in the country, Kyiv sent a search and rescue team of 88 people to Turkey.

Oleksandr Khorunzhiy, spokesman for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, said: “There is a war going on in our country, but we understand that we need help, that help is mutual. There is no other way.”

The Ukrainian squads include search and rescue specialists, doctors, specially trained dogs and trainers, as well as firefighters.

The Ukrainian team is also supporting earthquake victims with tents and generators they set up in Antakya.

Ukrainian teams try to stay away from Russian teams operating in Turkey. Russia invaded Ukraine last February. Thousands of people died on both sides in a war that has continued ever since.

Khorunzhiy said: “We will try to keep our distance from the Russian search and rescue teams as much as possible. We learned from the coordination center that Russian emergency teams are working far from here. We won’t see them.”

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