UK not seeking Swiss-style deal with EU


The UK Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 denied the Sunday Times report, saying the British government does not have a Swiss-style deal with the European Union.The Sunday Times stated that the UK’s agreement with the EU could be modeled after its relationship with Switzerland, but that the agreement would not include freedom of action. Tony Dunker, CEO of the British Confederation of Industry, called on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to resolve a dispute with the EU over UK-Northern Ireland trade in order to create more trade opportunities and ease immigration restrictions. “We have a very timid immigration system to attract skilled workers,” Dunker said, arguing that the labor shortage in the UK economy is adding to “stagflation” pressures. The government should focus on the potential benefits of the current deal, such as partnerships in “Science and mutual recognition of professional qualifications,” Dunker said. for the Northern Ireland Protocol,” Dunker said. used his words.

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