U.S. Provides Passengers From China with COVID Testing Facility: Implementation Begins in News Jan. 5 Last Minute WORLD headlines and events


America requires testing for travelers from China who are struggling with rising COVID-19 cases. Health officials have said passengers will be required to test negative for COVID-19 from January 5.

The number of new infections is rising in China, which abandoned its “zero COVID” policy after protests in many cities in early December.

After India, Italy, Japan and Taiwan, the United States is also starting to apply negative COVID tests for passengers over 2 years old arriving from China, Hong Kong or Macau no later than two days before.

Federal officials have said that passengers who test positive more than 10 days before their flight can show proof they have recovered in lieu of a negative test.

U.S. officials noted that the lack of information about variants of the COVID-19 virus and fears that rising cases in China could lead to new variants of the virus were effective in changing policy.

US expands genome sequencing program

It also expands the voluntary genome sequencing program at US airports. In this regard, the cities of Seattle and Los Angeles were also added to the program.

Thus, the number of airports collecting information from positive tests has increased to seven.

Beijing has faced criticism that the official COVID figures and the announced death toll are inconsistent.

A U.S. health official who provided the information to reporters said they have limited information that there is a reported rise in cases in China and that it is difficult for them to estimate the true infection rate due to declining testing. in China.

Some health experts have noted that the virus could infect 1 million people a day in China. International models also predict that 2 million or more people could die in China.

Vaccination rates among the elderly in China are low

On the other hand, China is trying to increase the vaccination rate of the elderly population. In China, where mRNA-based vaccines developed using new technologies have not yet been approved, the overall vaccination rate is 90 percent; however, the proportion of adults taking booster doses is 57 percent.

According to official figures released by the Chinese government, this figure is about 42 percent among the population over 80 years old.

None of the nine COVID-19 vaccines developed in China have been updated for use with the Omicron variant.

US official: “China refused aid”

US officials have offered to support China for an mRNA vaccine; however, he states that Chinese officials have said they do not need US assistance at this stage.

A US official who briefed the reporters said the offer of assistance remains open.

In June, the United States lifted the requirement for travelers arriving in the country to test negative for COVID-19.

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