U.S. President Biden’s call for “lower oil prices” – WORLD

U.S. President Biden’s call for “lower oil prices”With oil prices falling from summer peaks in the US, US President Joe Biden reiterated his call for oil companies to cut prices.In his speech at the meeting, US President Biden said that last month oil prices in the world declined, but this decline was not reflected in prices. “Meanwhile, oil and gas companies continue to record record profits in the billions of dollars,” Biden said. he said.Last month, US oil futures fell 9.2%. Biden said there was a price imbalance across the country, with prices higher in Western states due to low crude oil refining capacity. pump to reflect the cost you pay for the product.” Biden made a similar call when the average gas price topped $5 a gallon earlier in the year. Prices in the United States have also fallen by more than $1 on average since then. then as prices fell in international markets with an increase in cases in China and an expectation of a slowdown in global growth.

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