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The Biden administration reiterated its support for the early entry of the two Scandinavian countries into NATO after Turkey decided to postpone trilateral talks with Sweden and Finland indefinitely.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price was asked at his daily press briefing whether Washington would support Finland’s possible entry into the Alliance without Sweden. Price declined to comment on what he called “hypothetical”.

Stating that such an issue was not on their agenda, Price said, “It’s always been a discussion about Finland and Sweden.” Price noted that they wanted to transform the 28-member alliance into a 30-member NATO.

Asked if the US administration has approached Turkish officials about suspending trilateral talks, Price said that “next rounds of talks have not been canceled, but postponed.”

A spokesman for Price said: “This is an opportunity for Finland, Sweden and Turkey to assess where they are. “Obviously we want these consultations to continue,” he said.

Stating that the issues should be resolved between Turkey, Finland and Sweden in a trilateral agreement, Price said: “We are proud to have been with them in signing this agreement, but in the end we are not a party to this agreement. All I can say is that Finland and Sweden have taken concrete steps to fulfill their obligations under the trilateral agreement with Turkey.

At a briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Price’s statement yesterday about the burning of the Koran over the weekend in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm was again heard.

“As far as I understand, this is the work of a provocateur, someone who is deliberately trying to distance himself from our two close partners, Turkey and Sweden, deliberately trying to influence the ongoing debate about Sweden and Finland joining NATO,” Price said. said.

The spokesman was asked if the statement was related to allegations that Russia had a hand in the burning of the Koran.

Stating that he is not trying to imply that, Price said: “What I mean and what we see in statements like this from our Swedish partners is the fact that in some cases people involved in this activity may not want Sweden to join. in NATO. and may want to destroy the transatlantic alliance. The truth is that there are people who benefit from the strong and well-established democratic principles that Sweden holds dear.

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