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Social network Twitter announced the lifting of the ban on political advertising, introduced in 2019. The company said in a statement yesterday that it will expand its advertising policy in the US to a level similar to that of television and media institutions.

With these changes, Twitter is expected to bring its advertising policy closer to that of Facebook, Google and Youtube. Chinese video app TikTok continues to ban political ads.

“We believe that targeted advertising promotes public dialogue on important issues,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter’s head of security, Ella Irvine, said among the targeted ads the company will allow are ads that raise awareness about government programs like voter registration, climate change, or the census.

Twitter banned political ads in 2019 when social networks were criticized for spreading election-related misinformation. Twitter also banned social content ads.

However, big advertisers turned their backs on Twitter after Elon Musk laid off thousands of employees after buying Twitter in October, former President Donald Trump abandoned his permanent account ban and rushed a paid verification feature that scammers took advantage of.

Last month, Musk defended the strict cost-cutting measures, saying Twitter could have $3 billion minus cash flow next year and said he hoped to balance revenue and expenses as a result of the measures.

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