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Mobilization of Turkish community assistance to earthquake victims continues in GermanyTurkish Ambassador to Berlin Ahmet Bashar Shen called on the Turkish community and Germans in Germany to continue to provide assistance to the earthquake zones.Shen, who arrived at the airport to say goodbye to a C-17 military transport aircraft belonging to the Qatari Air Force, which will bring relief materials collected from Berlin to Turkey, said: “The Turkish community in Germany continues to mobilize aid. for earthquake victims. The question of help will last, maybe months, maybe years. “This is a relief marathon. I call on the entire German-Turkish community and our German friends to join this marathon and participate in these relief activities with us.” Explaining that they started relief activities in Germany after the earthquake in Turkey, Shen stated that they are trying to get the emergency supplies collected to Turkey as soon as possible, and said, “Turkish Airlines (THY) is delivering emergency supplies quickly. assistance in Turkey through the travel network here. We started shipping and we’re still doing it.” Saying that Berlin and some other cities in Germany are stockpiling too many emergency supplies and that they are requesting cargo planes from the Center for Foreign Affairs Coordination and Support (DKDM) to deliver them to Turkey, Shen said: We have been allocated a military transport plane This aircraft made 4 flights between Berlin and Incirlik. It was originally planned, but due to the abundance of supplies and the urgency of our need, the number of flights was increased to four. Tents, mobile toilets, generators were especially urgently needed and we had the opportunity load heaters. Shen stated that he expressed gratitude to the crew of 9 on behalf of the Turkish community in Turkey and Germany for the last flight, and said: “Qatar has provided such opportunities in our difficult days, we are very grateful. We have always supported Qatar in the past. Such cooperation, brotherhood and friendship.” I would also like to thank Qatar, the Qatari Air Force and its ambassador, my close friend Abdullah Mohammed al-Thani.” Expressing that at this stage it is very important that the Turkish community and German friends in Germany continue to help, Shen said: “First search and rescue, and then the treatment of the wounded.” to continue this activity. Let’s continue to collect help in accordance with them on our website and social networks by reviewing the list of urgent needs that we have published. Our Consuls General will continue to relay this.” gave his assessment.

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