Turkey Confidence Index Announced


The January 2023 Consumer Confidence Index data from the Turkish Statistical Institute has been made public.

The results of a study of consumer trends conducted by TÜİK in cooperation with the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey were announced. According to this; The seasonally adjusted index of consumer confidence, calculated in January, rose by 4.6% compared with the previous month. The indicator, which was 75.6 in December, became 79.1 in January.

While the monthly survey of consumer trends measures consumers’ current assessments of their financial position and the economy as a whole, their expectations for the future, their propensities to spend and save, the consumer confidence index calculated from the results of the survey can take values ​​in the range 0- 200.


A consumer confidence index greater than 100 indicates an optimistic situation, and below 100 indicates pessimistic consumer confidence.

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