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Turkish Expo received more than 5 thousand visitors in 3 daysThe Turkish Export Goods Fair, organized under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce and the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Association (IMMIB), was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from March 19 to 21.The fair, organized with the aim of restoring trade relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia and rapidly increasing the volume of exports, was visited by more than 5 thousand people in 3 days. The exhibition was organized with the support of the Ministry of Commerce of Saudi Arabia. , the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, is an important platform for rebuilding commercial relations between the two countries. The exhibition, organized by Mehmet Moush, Saudi Minister of Commerce Abdullah al-Kasabi and IMMIB President Coordinator Adil Pelister, was met with great interest. At the fair, which was held with the participation of 100 companies from Turkey, mainly from the sector of industrial goods, packaging, household/furniture, food/agriculture, cosmetics/cleaning, medicine/medicine, textile/fashion, building materials and services. , and 6 Associations of Exporters received more than 5 thousand visitors.Pelister: “We aim to expand our cooperation within the vision of Saudi Arabia until 2030”Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association (IMMIB) Coordinator, President Adil Pelister, said in his assessment of the exhibition: “Turk Expo, which is one of the goals set in the roadmap for the development of bilateral trade relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. , which is attended by more than 5 thousand people, is the future of our country’s economy and our exports, and we see this as an extremely important step for us. Our fair was met with great interest from the business people of Saudi Arabia and was very productive.” said.Stating that they aim to develop and increase the volume of commercial business between the two countries and expand their cooperation under the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, Pelister said: “We attach great importance to promoting the new structuring of Saudi Arabia under the vision 2030, increasing the companies and partnerships. We expect Turkish companies to be involved in all areas, be it tourism, construction, chemicals and petrochemicals. In 2022, our trade with Saudi Arabia reached $6.55 billion. We hope to surpass these figures this year. We want to increase cooperation and trade between the two countries. I hope that this fair will be useful, favorable and fruitful for both parties.” He impressed: “Our exhibitors are pleased with the increased interest”Armagan Vurdu, General Secretary of İMMİB, said that within the framework of the Turkish Export Goods Fair, which lasted three days, 6 General Secretariats of the Exporters Association and 100 Turkish companies operating in various sectors had the opportunity to promote their products and services, and about 5 thousand people: “For the first time in Saudi Arabia, we organized a fair where only Turkish brands and services were presented. We saw that Saudi buyers and importers were satisfied, as were our participating companies. Our work will continue in the coming months and years,” he said.
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