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“Trains derailing in the US, an accident? Or negligence and greed?”In the US, people wrote on social media that “during the same period, several trains derailed. This is impossible. There is definitely a problem somewhere,” they said, expressing their suspicions.Before the chemical train crash ended in Ohio, Texas and South Carolina, there were two more such incidents. It is said that such accidents, which shock people, occur on average 1,700 a year. According to the US Department of Transportation, 4,500,000 tons of pesticides are transported by rail every year, and an average of 12,000 railcars carrying dangerous goods pass through towns and cities every day. the rail lines act like a “catastrophe on the rails”. Is this an accident? Let’s consider an accident that occurred in the state of Ohio. An investigative report released February 14 by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board announced that the derailment of a train may have been caused by failure of axle wheels due to overheating. But for many citizens, this explanation seems too technical and superficial. In fact, upon closer examination, it is easy to see that this accident was the result of safety risks associated with the railway company’s long-term pursuit of maximum profit. The US rail system, this has raised the issue of deeper development. The most important feature of railroads for the big railroad companies that do this is to “make money.” Therefore, the company’s biggest job is to make profits go into the pockets of managers by reducing costs and improving efficiency Let’s look at the Norfolk Southern Railway, whose train in Ohio belongs. According to news released by US press organizations, the company is constantly spending money on Congress and the administrative agencies that regulate shipping rates to control shipping costs. “Opposing additional speed limit measures and the use of the ECP system” by constantly increasing the length of the train, reducing the inspection time, increasing the number of trains and greatly reducing the staff … As a result of the adoption of these measures, the company’s turnover in 2022 increased by 14 percent compared to with 2021. reached US$700 million. With this figure, the company broke a historical record. Risks are approaching as the rail system is now dominated by the smell of money. An article in the British Guardian newspaper noted that the accident in Ohio was a risk of alarm and reflected a design flaw in the development model of the US rail sector. The article pointed out that this was due to the concept of “New Freedom” directed by Western countries, including the United States, after the end of the Cold War in macroeconomic terms. The US must undergo deep reform or the so-called infrastructure plan will only make the rich richer.

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