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In European Union (EU) countries, the number of nights spent in tourist facilities such as hotels and hostels approached pre-Covid-19 levels last year.

The European Statistical Office (Eurostat) has published data on overnight stays of tourists in member countries in 2022.

Accordingly, the EU tourism sector, hard hit by the epidemic, recovered significantly last year.

The number of overnight stays in tourist sites, which was 2 billion 880 million in 2019 before the epidemic, reached 2 billion 720 million in 2022. Thus, the number of overnight stays in tourist sites of the EU countries last year lagged behind the pre-epidemic period of 2019 by only 5.6 percent.

Overnight stays of tourists in EU countries amounted to 1 billion 420 million in 2020 and 1 billion 830 million in 2021.

If in 2019 the accommodation of foreign tourists arriving from outside the EU countries amounted to 1 billion 360 million people, then last year it was 1 billion 190 million people. Thus, the stay of foreign tourists remained 12.6 percent below the pre-epidemic level.

The number of overnight stays for international tourists was set at 412.5 million in 2020 and 587.8 million in 2021.

The number of tourist nights in 3 EU member states has exceeded pre-Covid-19 levels. Last year, the number of tourists increased by 12.3% in Denmark, by 3.9% in the Netherlands and by 0.5% in Belgium compared to the pre-pandemic period.

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