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Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Bilström, who had expected Turkey to lift the veto barrier to become a NATO member, issued scathing remarks against the PKK. Billstrom said: “The PKK has been designated as a terrorist organization in the European Union. There is absolutely no place for the PKK on Swedish soil.”

Foreign Minister Bilström, who is part of the right-wing coalition government formed by conservative Ulf Kristersson from the “moderate” wing, shared his views on Turkey and the new government’s NATO membership in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde. Billström, who also served as immigration minister during Sweden’s Liberal period from 2006-2014, summed up the point reached in the NATO membership talks with Turkey as follows:

“Our intention is to become a member of NATO as soon as possible. At the NATO summit in Madrid in June, Turkey, Sweden and Finland signed a memorandum of understanding defining security conditions. of which is related to the fight against crime and is in the shadow of Turkey’s demands. Turkey We are also very interested in Turkey’s cooperation in the fight against crime. Dialogue between the three countries continues.”

Bielström: “To what extent will you accept the extradition of Turkish Kurds that Ankara is demanding?” To the question: “All the conditions defined by the Memorandum of Understanding must be met by the three parties before being approved by the Turkish Parliament. But everything must be done in accordance with the rules established by our constitution and the principles of the Rule of Law. This was very clearly expressed to our Turkish interlocutors. Therefore, “There is a European convention on extradition, which we have signed and which we must comply with. The judiciary is independent. The state cannot interfere.”

“No support for YPG and PYD”

When asked about the extradition of members of the PKK and YPG, he said: “As far as the PKK is concerned, it is an organization that is considered a terrorist organization in the European Union. That is, there is absolutely no place for this organization on Swedish soil. As far as PYD and YPG are concerned, it is the same as defined in the memorandum, Sweden and YPG. These are Syrian organizations that Finland has pledged not to support,” he said.

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