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TikTok ban in UK and Scottish ParliamentLONDON (AA) — It has been reported that the TikTok app will be banned from all electronic devices owned by the Scottish government and the British Parliament.The parliamentary statement recalled that on March 16, the government banned the use of TikTok on electronic devices used by all government employees. The decision has been made to block TikTok on all parliamentary devices and networks.” Scottish Regional Government Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney also said the app would be banned from devices used by the government. Swinney said the decision was in line with the decision announced by the UK government on 16 March.– Banned in EU and USATikTok faces severe restrictions due to security and privacy concerns, fears that user information could be accessed and used to spread pro-Chinese views. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the White House in the United States. Many government agencies, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, banned TikTok without waiting for a vote in Congress in December 2022. The US House of Representatives also banned the download and use of the TikTok application on official devices used by by its members and employees on December 28, 2022. In a March decision, it was announced that TikTok would be banned from devices owned by all government employees.

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