This year, 47 tons of drugs have been seized in Venezuela. Last Minute WORLD headlines and events


Caracas –

Venezuela, which shares a 2,119 km border with Colombia and produces more than 60 per cent of the world’s cocaine production with an annual production of over 1,200 tons, is one of the important distribution centers in the international drug supply.

Although Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says they estimate that about 90 tons of drugs pass through his country a year, experts say the figure is between 150 and 250 tons.

According to the Venezuelan Narcotics Inspectorate (Sunad), a total of 47 tons 53 kilograms 222 grams of these drugs were seized during 81 operations this year in the South American country. In the course of operations carried out by drug groups, 58 drug laboratories, 57 runways used to transport drugs, and 42 aircraft that violated the airspace were destroyed, 9,490 people were detained.

The states with the most drug seizures were reported to be Zulia and Tachira on the border with Colombia, Bolivar on the border with Brazil, and Falcon, which is mainly used to transport drugs to coastal vessels using small boats.

“One of the strategic deployment bases of Venezuela”

Last year, 51 tons of drugs were seized in Venezuela.

According to the US State Department’s International Drug Control Strategy Report, 24 percent of cocaine smuggling last year passed through Venezuela.

Venezuela has a very important share both in the transport of drugs to Europe across the Atlantic Ocean and in the transport of drugs to Central America by air. Guatemalan officials say 95 per cent of planes carrying cocaine seized in Central America come from Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Institute of Forensic Medicine estimates that about 250 tons of cocaine shipped from Colombia to Europe leaves Venezuelan ports, and experts state that the international drug trade is mainly carried out by Mexican and Colombian cartels.

Experts state that the lack of a comprehensive drug control in Venezuela, bribery and corruption networks ranging from security forces to customs officers and high-ranking government officials, as well as various advantages for money laundering, have increased the country’s importance in the supply of drugs in recent years.

Experts note the existence of opportunities such as lack of control, bribery and corruption on the coasts, ports and airports where drugs are available in Venezuela that criminal organizations need for large shipments of drugs, and note that under these conditions, countries to which shipment will be made, the foundations of the drug trade are being laid.

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