The woman who answered the question “Turkey” won the main prize!


A nurse named Helen Mason, assisted by former football player Ellie McCoist, made history for the program by being the first contestant to win the jackpot by answering the last question correctly.

There was the first competition called The Wheel, broadcast on the British television channel BBC. In the question “In what country is the ancient city of Troy” Mason, who chose the Turkish option thanks to McCoist, who warned a competitor who chose Egypt first among the options “Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Turkey”, and won the Cash Prize of 82 thousand British pounds (approximately 1.8 million TL) after tense seconds.

Mason, who won the grand prize, said: “With the money I earn, I will buy furniture for my apartment and go with my mother to Canada to visit my family. My boyfriend and I recently bought an apartment and with this money it will be great to decorate the house. My family is my biggest support and I want to thank them in a special way.” used his words.

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