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After the earthquake, the Venezuelan civil defense team, which went to Adiyaman on February 8 to participate in search and rescue operations, returned to the capital Caracas.

Speaking to VOA Turkey, Luis Curbelo, head of the search and rescue team, said: “Weather conditions and cold made our work very difficult. The weather in Adiyaman was -7 degrees during the day and 7 nights. There were dogs that froze to death. There was a tragedy, but the public showed great interest in us. We cried and hugged together,” he said.

Curbelo said: “We respect the desire of the Turkish authorities to remove the bodies that we turned to for religious reasons. We found it, they removed it. We also delivered the food and medicine we took with us to AFAD.”

Venezuelan authorities and Turkish Ambassador to Caracas Aydan Karamanoglu welcomed the search and rescue team. The ambassador thanked the search and rescue team in turn and handed the head of the team a bead against the evil eye.

In a statement, Karamanoğlu said: “We would like to thank the entire team that has been involved in search and rescue for 10 days in this great tragedy that we are experiencing. The speedy arrival of aid was critical to saving lives, and we are very grateful that Venezuela was one of the first countries to send aid. Thank you very much for your courage, solidarity and efforts.

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