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Americans are still sitting with Russia in the US; discusses the fate of basketball star Britney Griner and ex-Navy Paul Whelan. According to US Charge d’Affaires in Moscow Elizabeth Rood, Moscow has not yet given a serious response to Washington’s proposals.

In a statement to the Russian state news agency RIA, Rud noted that negotiations were continuing through the channels indicated.

Stating that the US had submitted an important proposal, Rud said, “We followed up on that proposal and submitted alternative proposals. Unfortunately, the Russian Federation has not yet given a serious response to these proposals.”

Basketball star Griner has been sent to a POW camp in Mordovia in Russia to serve out a nine-year sentence this month after he was arrested in February for e-cigarettes containing cannabis oil in his bag. Greener stated that he used the substance in an e-cigarette cartridge to reduce the pain caused by sports injuries and said he had no intention of breaking the law.

Former US Navy soldier Whelan was sentenced to 16 years in prison on suspicion of espionage. Whelan denies allegations of espionage against him.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on November 18 that he wanted a prisoner exchange that would lead to the release of Viktor Bout. Bout is a Russian citizen detained in the United States on charges of arms smuggling.

In an interview with RIA Rud also said that after the meeting held two weeks ago in Istanbul, another meeting could be held between CIA director William Burns and Russian foreign intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin. The meeting marked the first contact between the two senior officials since Russia’s war against Ukraine began in February.

Rude also said that the United States has channels to manage risks with Russia, especially nuclear risks, and that was the purpose of CIA Director Burns’ meeting with Russia’s head of foreign intelligence.

“CIA Director Burns did not agree on anything and did not raise the issue of ending the conflict in Ukraine. I am sure that if there is a need for another similar dialogue on this channel, then it will be done. not planning yet,” Rud said.

Washington claims that Burns held the meeting to warn about the consequences of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons. Russia, on the other hand, declined to comment on what was discussed at the meeting, saying the issue was “delicate.”

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