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America’s new expanded military training for Ukrainian forces began yesterday in Germany. General Mark Milley, chief of staff of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the goal is to have about 500 Ukrainian soldiers ready to go to the front to fight Russia in the next five to eight weeks.

General Milli, who plans to visit the Grafenwöhr training center today to see first hand the training program, said the soldiers to be trained left Ukraine a few days ago. Germany has all the weapons and equipment needed to train these soldiers.

The US Department of Defense has so far refused to disclose where the training program will take place.

The program, dubbed Unified Combat Training, aims to develop the skills of the Ukrainian forces to prepare for a counterattack or counterattack in the event of increased Russian aggression.

As part of the program, Ukrainian soldiers will learn how to better move and coordinate battalions using artillery, armored vehicles and ground forces during combat.

Speaking to two accompanying journalists yesterday before leaving for Europe, General Milli said the comprehensive training program will allow Ukrainian forces to learn how to use new weapons, artillery, tanks and other vehicles that will play a key role in reclaiming Russian territory during the fighting. almost 11 months of war.

“This support is very important for Ukraine’s ability to defend itself,” Milli said. “We hope to achieve this goal in a short time.”

Milley noted that the goal is to transfer all weapons and military equipment to Ukraine and that the newly trained forces “will start using these weapons before the spring rains stop,” which would be the “ideal plan.”

Ukrainian forces are fighting fierce battles in the east of the Donetsk region. The Russian military claims to have taken control of the town of Soledar, famous for its salt mining. Ukraine, on the other hand, says its troops are still fighting. The capture of the city of Soledar by Moscow means that it has come one step closer to the city of Bakhmut, where fighting has been going on for several months.

Gen. Milley said he wants to make sure the training program is going according to plan, see if there are any other needs, and see if equipment deliveries and training are going at the same time.

The training program, which will start with small teams and grow into larger units after the field, will take place in classrooms and on the field. The program will be completed by combining the entire battalion and unit with more complex combat exercises.

So far, America has focused on meeting the immediate combat needs of Ukrainian forces. Particular attention was paid to how to use the many different Western weapons systems that ended up in Ukraine.

To date, the United States has trained more than 3,100 Ukrainian soldiers in the use and repair of weapons systems such as howitzers, armored personnel carriers, and HIMARS. Other countries also trained Ukrainian soldiers to work with the weapons they supplied.

Announcing the new program last month, Air Force Brigadier General and Defense Department spokesman Pat Ryder said the goal is “to provide advanced collective training for Ukrainian soldiers to conduct combined armed operations and battlefield maneuvers.”

U.S. Chief of Staff Mark Milley said America did such training ahead of the invasion of Russia last February. After the outbreak of the war, the US National Guard and special operations forces trained in Ukraine left the country. This new initiative, led by US 7th Army Training Command Europe and Africa, will be a continuation of the work that preceded the invasion. The European Allies also run training programs.

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