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In the UK, the government has said it is trying to reach a fair deal with the unions, but is not working on the double-digit wage increases the unions are demanding.

The prime minister’s spokesman, Max Blaine, said in a statement that the government is trying to reach a fair deal with unions when discussing wages.

Blaine stated that the unions were clear that they could not accept a double-digit demand for higher wages and that the demand would “make inflation more permanent”.

Asked by an AA reporter if the government intends to pass an anti-strike law despite criticism, Blaine replied that people should get the services they need on strike days.

Blaine stated that they did not want the strikes to continue and that the disputes should be stopped.

The government is preparing to pass a law to combat strikes

The British government has introduced a bill in Parliament to limit the strike of workers in key sectors of the public sector.

It is assumed that the regulation applies to railways, fire service and ambulance.

Unions, on the other hand, describe the law as “undemocratic and illegal” that requires workers in key public sectors to provide minimum services even if they choose to go on strike.

Unions of teachers, nurses, railway workers and ambulance workers in England have announced that they will go on strike again in February and March, demanding higher wages.

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