The second warmest winter in Europe – MIR


Second warmest winter in Europe– In February, temperatures were above average in most of Europe, especially in Norway and Sweden, while parts of Turkey, the Iberian Peninsula and the Caucasus were below the monthly average.BRUSSELS (AA) – The European Union’s (EU) satellite tracking system Copernicus reported that, according to the 1991-2020 reporting period in Europe, “this winter is the second warmest of the winters on the continent.” According to a written statement from Copernicus, this winter in February 2023, average temperatures in most regions of Europe were higher than in the 1991-2020 reference period. The most notable warmer-than-average conditions have been found in Norway and Sweden, in areas surrounding the Black Sea in northwestern Russia, and around Svalbard. The UK also had “5th warmest February since 1884”. On the other hand, in Turkey, the Iberian Peninsula and parts of the Caucasus, temperatures are below monthly averages – Record decline in Antarctic sea ice The sea ice level in Antarctica is at its lowest level in 45 years. This has been recorded as the 8th consecutive year that the ice sheet has melted more than the average February low.

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