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Noting that 17 million 800 thousand tons of grain and other food products have been exported under the Black Sea Grain Initiative since August 2022, the United Nations released an update on the initiative.

It was recorded that the volume of grain exports from the Black Sea ports of Ukraine in December amounted to 3 million 700 thousand tons, and in November – 2 million 600 thousand tons of grain. The message, which indicates that about 1 million 200 thousand tons of food was exported from the ports of Ukraine over the past two weeks, emphasized that over the past week there were disruptions in export activities due to adverse weather conditions in the ports of Odessa. and inspection zones in Turkey.

According to the Joint Coordinating Center (JCC), which operates the Ukrainian Grain Corridor, China is the country that receives the largest share in grain exports. China is followed by Spain in second place and Turkey in third place. Approximately 40 percent of wheat exports are recorded to go to low- and low-income countries.

To support humanitarian action in regions where hunger is the most acute in the world, the World Health Program purchased 8 percent of the total wheat exported in 2022 through the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

According to the report, JCC has operated more than 1,300 flights to date. Currently, more than 100 vessels are associated with the CCM in Turkish territorial waters. 32 vessels are awaiting inspection, while the rest are reportedly applying to join the Grain Initiative. Since November, three audit teams have been working at JCC every day. So far this month, teams have been averaging 5.3 checks per day. Over the past two weeks, the average waiting time for ships between an application and inspections has been 21 days.

The United Nations called on all parties to contribute to efforts to improve the effectiveness of the CCM and remove obstacles to overcome bottlenecks.

The UN recalled that updated data on grain exports and details on the points of departure of pike and ships are available on its website.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative also called for faster safe exports of fertilizers, including ammonia. However, they recalled that the export of ammonia from Ukrainian ports has not yet begun. A key ingredient in fertilizer production, ammonia is a critically needed chemical on the market to drive down fertilizer prices. The parties that have negotiated the supply of ammonia to the market from the Togliatti/Yuzhno pipeline, but have not yet reached an agreement, are still negotiating.

It was noted that the Black Sea Grain Initiative and the Grain Agreement, signed in Istanbul in July 2022, are aimed at supplying large volumes of grain, other food products and fertilizers to world markets in order to reduce food and fertilizer prices and eliminate global food insecurity. .

Emphasizing the need for the full implementation of both agreements in order to achieve this goal, it was stressed that Ukrainian and Russian food products and fertilizers should be freely supplied to world markets. It was noted that under these conditions, when fertilizer prices are high, it is critical to achieve this goal in order to avert a possible global food access crisis in 2023.

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