The proposal to digitalize applications for a Schengen visa was adopted in the European Parliament. Last Minute EUROPE, CURRENT, TOURISM headlines and events


When the proposal becomes law, applications will be submitted through a single platform, visas will not be printed on passports.

Members of the European Parliament (EP) have adopted a report on the digitization of applications for a Schengen visa.

The report, which was submitted to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties and in which 34 MPs voted to 5, aims to speed up visa processes and increase security by digitally filing visa applications.

As part of the legal process required for the digitization of visa applications, the Council of the EU, which includes representatives from European Union (EU) countries, the EU Commission and the European Parliament must reach a conclusion through joint negotiations.

If EU institutions agree, visas will no longer be printed on passports, but will instead be processed on a digital system.

It is expected to reduce costs and visa application procedures, receive applications on a single platform, integrate the system with EU border management systems and databases, prevent fraud and increase security through digital visas.

In addition, the report adopted by Parliament also included the presence of a multilingual option in the digital visa application system, which prevents the collective rejection of applications submitted from the same IP address.

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