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The number of vacancies in the US exceeded expectationsNEW YORK (AA) – JOLTS US job openings beat market expectations to 10,824,000 in January.The US Department of Labor released the JOLTS Open Job Number for January, according to which the number of vacancies in the country in January decreased by 410 thousand compared to the previous month and fell to 10 million 824 thousand. The number of vacancies, which exceeded expectations, was expected this period at the level of 10 million 500 thousand. The number of vacancies was recorded in December last year at the level of 11 million 234 thousand. Industries in which the number of vacancies increased during this period in the field of transport, warehousing and utilities, production of non-durable consumption In construction, accommodation and catering, finance and insurance, the number of vacancies has decreased. The number of people hired in January increased by 121,000 to 6,372,000. The number of people laid off or quit their jobs in the country decreased to 5,902,000, with a decrease of 4,000 people over the same period.

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