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A summit of North American leaders begins today in Mexico, amid an energy dispute between the countries.

The summit, which was attended by US President Joe Biden, discusses issues such as energy, immigrants, drug control and strengthening economic cooperation.

In addition to Biden, the Mexico City summit is also attended by the leader of the host country, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The top three meet at the summit for the first time since the end of 2021.

Energy dispute on the table

Obrador’s left-wing energy policy, in which Mexico’s state-owned energy companies hand over control of the market, has drawn objections from the US and Canada, whose firms are at a disadvantage.

Obrador criticizes past Mexican governments for leaving the energy market in the hands of private companies, arguing that his energy policy is important to his country’s national sovereignty.

The US and Canada say Obrador’s policy is in violation of the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) and negatively impacts employment and investment opportunities.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau told Reuters last week that he was confident that resolving the energy dispute would help attract more foreign investment to Mexico and that progress would be made at the summit.

Aindriu Colgan, director of tax and trade policy at the American Petroleum Institute, which includes ExxonMobil and Chevron, said that “Mexico has grossly violated the USMCA trade agreement” and that a “dispute resolution panel” should be convened to resolve disputes. question He said the time had come.

“As long as Obrador keeps immigrants away from the border, Biden will be happy”

At the summit, leaders are expected to stress the importance of North America’s common economic interests, but no progress is expected on the energy dispute.

“They will do their best to make it look like a happy meeting. As long as Obrador keeps immigrants away from the border, Biden will be happy,” said Andrés Rosenthal, Mexico’s former deputy foreign minister.

Mexican President Obrador protested the summit and did not travel to Los Angeles after Biden did not invite the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the summit in Los Angeles in June.

“The tension has dissipated”

The press reflects comments that the meeting will be held in a positive atmosphere thanks to Biden’s plan for immigrants announced last week and the arrest of one of the leaders of Mexico’s drug gang.

A US official, who asked not to be named, said tensions have dissipated since Obrador’s absence from the June summit in Los Angeles and the two presidents are in a better position to work together.

The Mexican government has repeatedly asked the United States to transfer funds to boost development in Central America and southern Mexico and stop northward migration from what has long been one of the continent’s poorest regions. Mexico is also asking Washington to make it easier for immigrants to find work in the US.

Mexico also recently drew backlash from the United States with its plan to ban imports of genetically modified corn. While López Obrador’s government has agreed to delay the ban until 2025, the issue is also expected to be addressed at the summit.

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