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It has been announced that by 2024 there will be a change in the rules for the passage of liquids and large electrical appliances through airport security in the UK.

A statement on the government’s website announced new legislation to ease the security processes applicable to UK airports.

The statement said that with the introduction of the new system within 2 years, security checkpoints at major airports in the country will be easier to control, especially for passengers.

The new system claims that security personnel will have more detailed information about the goods they carry thanks to a 3D image taken from passengers’ bags, and threat detection can be done with more advanced methods.

While passengers are currently required to remove tablets, laptops and liquids from hand luggage at security checkpoints, in addition to removing this rule, the limit on liquids under 100 milliliters will also be increased to 2 liters in the new system.

The website also published the opinions of UK Transport Minister Mark Harper.

“By 2024, the UK’s major airports will have the latest security technologies in place to reduce wait times, improve the passenger experience and, most importantly, identify potential threats,” Harper said. used the phrase.

Airports have been given until June 2024 to upgrade screening equipment and processes. Until then, the old safety rules will apply unless otherwise specified for passengers.

It is known that the new system began to be introduced in many countries of the world.

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