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Elon Musk, the new owner of social media platform Twitter, has targeted iPhone maker Apple, accusing the American tech company of abusing market power.

In a Twitter post, Musk asked for the first time if Apple hates free speech in America. Musk said: “Apple has practically stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?” used the phrase.

Musk later tagged Apple CEO Tim Cook in a tweet: “What’s going on here?” she asked.

Criticizing Apple’s high share of app store sales, Musk quoted a tweet about Apple’s in-app fee: “Did you know that Apple is secretly taxing everything you buy from the App Store with a 30 percent tax?” general.

Claiming that Apple threatened to remove the Twitter app from the App Store without giving a reason, Musk said, “Apple has also threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store, but won’t tell us why.” used the phrase.

By controlling what content can be played on devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Apple keeps most of its app revenue for itself. While the criticism against the company was not new, gaming company Epic Games has taken legal action over Apple’s royalties.

Apple has been criticized for creating an environment that is completely dominated by the technology group with the iPhone and its associated operating system, iOS.

Apple, which advocates transparency and openness in the US and Europe, has blocked applications in that country that can be used to bypass Internet censorship in China. Hong Kong also blocked apps used by demonstrators to organize themselves.

According to analysts, app store fees have reached the highest profit margins of any Apple product.

Elon Musk, who bought Twitter for about $44 billion in late October, has been trying to make his ideas for the online service a reality ever since.

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