The news of heavy snowfall paralyzed life in England. Last Minute EUROPE, CURRENT, UK headlines and events


Heavy snow and sleet that began last night across England caused major disruptions to traffic.

The country’s heaviest snowfall since 2013 has caused serious traffic problems in the capital, London, with delays or partial cancellations of many underground lines.

The M25 and M11 highways in the capital also succumbed to heavy snow, and some drivers were stuck on the roads for more than 8 hours.

All flights were suspended at Stansted Airport, which was forced to close its runway in the capital due to adverse weather conditions.

More than 50 flights have been canceled or delayed at Heathrow and Gatwick airports due to snow, ice and fog engulfing the country.

Many passengers whose flights were delayed were stuck at airports.

– Schools closed in some areas

In Scotland last night the temperature dropped to -15 degrees. Schools were closed in some areas due to heavy snowfall.

On the other hand, three children who fell into an ice-covered lake in Solihull, near the city of Birmingham, died.

Cold weather and snow are expected throughout the country throughout the week.

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