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Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed disappointment with recent statements by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding her country and Ukraine.

Commenting on Merkel’s words in an interview that the Minsk agreements of September 2014 were concluded only to give Ukraine time to arm and prepare for war with Russia, Putin said: “To be honest, it was completely unexpected for me. I am disappointed. To be honest, I did not expect to hear something like this from the former German Prime Minister,” he said.

“I always assumed that the German leadership would be honest with us,” Putin said. “I always thought he was sincere in his efforts.”

Angela Merkel, who served as German chancellor for 16 years from 2005 to 2021, called the Minsk agreements “an attempt to give Ukraine time” in a statement she gave to a newspaper last week, adding that it was valuable time for a “strengthening” agreement. Ukraine. “He said he won. Emphasizing that the Cold War did not end because Russia did not pursue a peaceful policy, Merkel said: “NATO should have responded faster to the Russian attack in 2014. currently.”

Merkel recently said she was unable to stop Putin defending his Russia policy when he was in power before the invasion of Ukraine.

Scholz: “100 thousand Russian soldiers could have died”

On the other hand, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he would continue his telephone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom he has a different opinion. Scholz had telephone conversations with Putin at various intervals after the start of the war in Ukraine.

The last meeting between Putin and Scholz took place on December 2. Emphasizing that his negotiations were conducted in a polite manner, but that he had a completely different point of view on Putin, Scholz said: “Despite this, I will continue to talk to him. from the situation we are in. It can’t be done without talking to each other.”

Prime Minister Scholz expressed regret that, although there have been many casualties on the Russian side since the start of the war, nothing has changed in this respect.

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