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The island of Zanzibar in Tanzania attracts millions of tourists every year with its world-famous white beaches and brings new experiences to those who visit its tropical farms.

The island of Zanzibar attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its white sand beaches, authentic lifestyle, warm climate, suitable accommodation, local delicacies and a wide variety of marine life.

Visitors who arrive on the island by ferry and plane from the mainland, bungalow hotels along the coastline, small and clean beaches, delicious food made from local seafood and herbs, various and alternative activities from diving to sea sports or just lying on the beach and enjoy the warm air and clear water.

While hotels on the coast of the island welcome their guests, farms that grow dozens of tropical plants and fruits attract attention.

These farms, which are formed from large gardens and are usually created for the development of each village, contain rare plant species that grow in hot climates.

At the entrance to the farms, perfumes, creams, soaps and medicines made from plants grown there are sold, and guided tours are organized for visitors who wish to visit these places.

Various types of plants are grown, from black pepper to coffee, from passion fruit to aloe vera.

Numerous farms in the Mbuzini area of ​​Zanzibar produce herbs such as black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, henna, aloe vera, as well as local fruits such as pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

Vanilla and ylang-ylang flowers, very valuable for the perfume industry, are also grown on guided farms. Oils and flavors made from tropical plants and fruits, which are introduced and tasted one at a time, are sold in small stalls.

In addition to income from tourism on the beaches, while income from tropical farms, which are aimed at the development of villagers on the island, remains in the village, various economic instruments have emerged, from guide services to transport.

Tanzania, which has two separate administrations as the Tanganyika mainland and the Zanzibar archipelago, was renamed the United Republic of Tanzania after unification in 1964 and became a single state.

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