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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov threatened Ukraine, saying that Ukraine must surrender the lands controlled by his country, otherwise “the Russian army will do what is needed.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said over the weekend that his country was “ready to negotiate with all parties involved in the war in Ukraine.”

While Kyiv and its Western allies have rejected Putin’s proposal, Russian troops continue to launch rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities and hit the country’s energy infrastructure.

While Moscow continues to press Kyiv to admit that it has taken over a fifth of the country, Kyiv says it will fight until Russia leaves.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said late last night that they want a demilitarized and disarmed territory controlled by Ukrainian forces and the elimination of threats to Russia.

Addressing the Kyiv administration, Lavrov said: “The matter is simple, do them for your own good. Otherwise, the matter will be decided by the Russian army.”

As the anniversary of February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine, approaches, the press reflects that Moscow has failed many times with Ukrainian troops on the battlefield and intense fighting continues, especially in the Donbas region in the east of the country. .

In his speech yesterday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky described the situation on the front line in Donbas as “difficult and painful.” “Bakhmut, Kremennaya and other areas of Donbass require maximum strength and concentration. The occupiers are mobilizing all the resources at their disposal, and these are significant resources, in order to achieve some progress,” Zelensky said.

Ukraine plans to hold “peace summit” in February

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba said in a statement yesterday that they plan to hold a peace summit on the anniversary of the war, preferably at the UN and possibly mediated by Secretary General António Guterres.

Kuleba told The Associated Press that in order for Russia to be invited to such a summit, it must first face an international court for war crimes.

Kuleba also noted that Zelensky was “absolutely satisfied” with the results of his visit to the United States last week, and said the US administration had developed a special plan to get the Patriot missile battery ready for operation in the country in less than six months. months.

Noting that his country will do everything possible to win the war in 2023, the Ukrainian minister added that diplomacy has always played an important role.

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