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Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken met with China’s top diplomat Wang Yi as part of the Munich Security Conference.

Tensions between the two countries escalated further after a Chinese balloon was dropped on the US southeast coast.

“I denounced the bursting of the Chinese intelligence bubble and stressed that this should never happen again,” Blinken tweeted about the call.

Wang Yi is the top foreign policy official of the Chinese Communist Party.

Bilinken also told Wang that America will compete for its own values ​​and interests, but does not want conflict with China and does not seek a new cold war.

The US Secretary of State also noted that diplomatic dialogue and channels of communication must be opened.

Blinken also warned China about Ukraine.

Speaking to CBS, Blinken noted that Chinese companies are providing non-lethal support to Russia, which could mean that Beijing could provide Moscow with lethal weapons.

Blinken also said that such an escalation would have serious consequences for China.

Anthony Blinken stressed that China has information that it is considering supporting Russia with lethal weapons.

“If China supplies weapons to Russia, this will create serious problems for us and for our relations,” the US Secretary of State said.

Wang Yi, on the other hand, said in his speech at the Munich Security Conference that “we are not adding fuel to the fire” of the war in Ukraine.

He also urged everyone to calmly think about ending the war.

Regarding the balloon crisis with the US, the Chinese diplomat said that the fact that the US dropped the balloon did not make the US stronger, but rather showed.

Wang Yi also accused America of abandoning China’s economic development.

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