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The longest circular metro line in the world: Moscow Big RingAn increasingly urbanized population and growing need for transportation have made the subway an important mode of transportation. The new line added to the Moscow Metro, which was opened in 1935 as the Soviet Union’s first underground system, began operating on March 1.The new line was added to the Moscow Metro, which opened in 1935 as the Soviet Union’s first underground system. The new line, designed to relieve the Koltsevaya metro circle line in the city center and reduce traffic density in Moscow as a whole, began operation on March 1, 2023. The longest circular metro line, Koltsevaya, was built between 1950-54, while the longest circular metro in the world, the New Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line, known as the “Bolshaya Koltsevaya” line, was also built in record time. In order to expand and modernize the metro network in Moscow, the new line has a length of 70 kilometers and includes 31 stations and 3 power stations. The first section of the line with 10 stations was opened in 2018, several more sections were put into operation in 2021. From March 1, 2023, he began to work as a whole. Passing through 34 districts, which are home to 3.3 million people, which is 30% of the population of Moscow, the line brought 1.2 million residents of the city to the metro station within walking distance. Offering new transport links between districts, it saved time up to 45 minutes a day, has connections with 47 lines, the original architecture and applied advanced engineering solutions ensured the seamless integration of the new metro ring line into the city infrastructure. The Big Circle Line, which unites all existing and possible lines of the Moscow Metro, can also be switched to other modes of transport. By creating alternative routes, including 47 connections with other lines, it allows passengers to move from one point to another without transferring from the city center Payment by biometric data is possible Passengers also have access to all high-tech services of the Moscow metro of the Big Circle Line. The subway ticketing system has been named “the smartest in the world” twice, in 2020 and 2021, by the prestigious international Transportation Ticketing Awards: each turnstile on the line accepts travel and debit cards, and two turnstiles in each lobby accept biometric payments. It attracts attention with its wide doors and carriages. The train is equipped with air-purifying air conditioners, there are USB connectors for charging electronic devices. Passenger information is provided through screens, improved sound insulation and adaptive lighting systems that change color depending on time. days, It makes travel comfortable.

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