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The historic Salt Cathedral in Colombia, a South American country, was lit up with over 1 million light bulbs before Christmas.

The cathedral in the city of Zipaquira, which is 40 kilometers north of the capital of Bogotá, was lit up before Christmas for the first time in its history.

Called the “tourist marvel of Colombia” and one of the most visited places in the country by local and foreign tourists, the Salt Cathedral was painted with more than 1 million light bulbs.

Visitors entering the cathedral take many photos and videos as they walk through the tunnel adorned with LED lights. On the other hand, the participants gathered in the area participate in various activities in front of various scenery illuminated by three-dimensional figures.

“We wanted them to see Christmas lights and decorations”

Salt Cathedral CEO Jenny Paez told AA that the event will run until January 10th.

Saying they want to share the magic of Christmas with people, Páez said: “We brought this project to life so that families can relive the love, magic and gifts at Christmas with their children. That’s why we wanted our visitors to see the Christmas lights and decorations as they enter the cathedral.” said.

Paez noted that 60 percent of visitors are foreigners, and that about 70,000 people are expected to arrive by January 10.

Every year, thousands of people visit the Salt Cathedral, built in an old salt mine at a depth of 180 meters in the city of Zipaquira.

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